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Hard Drive Recovery &
Backup service

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Hard Drive Recovery & Backup service to get your data back.

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These are some of our best Hard Drive recovery  features.

Experienced Technicians

Today’s discerning consumers have high for their omnichannel customer experience whether standards

We know our tech stuff

Today’s discerning consumers have high for their omnichannel customer experience whether standards

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Today’s discerning consumers have high for their omnichannel customer experience whether standards

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Hard Drive(HD) recovery

Mechanical Issues

How to identify physical damage to a hard drive?

There are warning signs that can help you identify physical damage, these may include:

  • Computer failing to start up or not operating correctly.
  • A strange, clicking or grinding noise when the drive is being accessed. A common pattern is click-pause-click-pause-click, followed by the drive stopping and the sound of it spinning.
  • The hard drive is not powering.
Hard Drive Recovery & Backup service
Hard Drive Recovery & Backup service

Techniques for data recovery

Save your data from formatted, damaged, crashed Hard Drive.No matter what you lost, CybaTech can help you recover it without hassle.

How does data recovery software work?

The information remaining on an intact storage can usually be recovered with professional help by means of data specialised software. However, it is important to keep in mind that no information is recoverable after being overwritten. For this reason, nothing should be written to the storage until the last file from it is rescued


Our Hard Drive Recovery Service Levels & Fixed Pricing

What you get

New Replacement SSD Drive for your data
New optane drive on priortiy or express jobs
Free Pick up and Delivery under 3kg
No Data, No Fee Policy(except express)
Buy now, pay later with Zip Pay
*$200 surcharge for drives over 4TB
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Get your data back restored- on a free SSD Drive

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How we work

Convienent & Fast

Get your Data back on a new SSD drive

Getting the right storage devices -Post recovery

Hard Drive Recovered

What should I put my data on now

4. Types of Drive Storage Technology explained

Some of the most common storage mediums found in computers and networks today-explained in simple language.

2.Solid state drives (or SSDs)

SSD’s don’t have any moving parts, but have integrated storage chips. This new branch of technology removes the spinning magnetic disc

1.Mechanical Rotation Disks

Mechanical drives, meaning that there are moving parts within them. Just like cars, parts of the mechanical drives degrade over time (or with heavy use). Data is stored in sectors of a rotating magnetic disk

3.Optane technology

Optane technology is a massive improvement over conventional storage-noticeable boost in performance from accessing files, booting windows

4.NAS Synology DiskStation

Tower 4 Bay NAS, Diskless 3.5 inch Bays, Intel Celeron J4125 Quad Core 2.0GHz CPU

Off Site Data Back up Service

The best data backup solutions help you avoid data disaster. Each of our services copies your business data from your network to far-off cloud storage servers or offsite local storage.

1.Cloud-backup services nightly

2.constantly copies-syncronised data backups

3. Workstation Mirror Backup

Local backup drives  at your business premises to always protect your data, may fall victim to an external threat such as flood, fire or theft that takes out your computers or network devices, leaving you with nothing.

Conscious of this, many businesses turn to “off-site” backups to minimise the threat of physical disasters.  

2 Choices of backup

1.Cloud Remote Backup
2. NAS.. Syncro Backup
3.Workstation Recovery

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