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IT RoadMap for emerging business

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IT Strategy Road Map

  1. Set out a general strategic direction for your IT
  2. Where do I start
  3. Gap Analysis
  4. Bridging the Gaps(strategy)
  5. Manage and mitigate IT risks
  6. Deliver upon the IT projects you set yourself
  7. Installing new equipment (servers, PCs, laptops, printers, scanners etc. along with their related drivers)


  1. Customising software to suit the needs of the business
  2. Deploying existing software to new users
  3. Downloading, assessing and deploying security patches


  1. Administration: maintaining records of software licence, domain names, service contracts
  2. Manage your IT – is it adequate?
  3. Meet your legal requirements
  4. Downloading and deploying hourly data files for anti-virus software and maintain a spam filter



  1. Creating and maintaining in-house rules about access, permissions, passwords
  2. Creating, maintaining and deleting users from the network New employees
  3. Creating and re-setting the network passwords
  4. Setting up shared folders, disk quotes, and granting access rights to data, systems


  1. Disaster recovery (e.g., after prolonged power failure, fire, flood, theft)
  2. Other
  3. Other
  4. Other
Service-Firewall Intergration
Service-Mobile App Development


  1. Training users in how to use new software and hardware
  2. Acceptable use policy Computers are powerful tools
  3. Cleaning up machines that have been infected with viruses, Trojans, worms or other malware
  4. Answering basic questions from users about how to use the software and hardware
  5. Maintaining physical security over IT equipment, backup tapes or disks etc.
  6. Making, testing and restoring backups (from whole servers to single files)
  7. You have a policy that requires users to store data that is crucial to the business on the server.
  8. Setting up and maintaining the connection to the internet and liaising with the ISP



1.       Troubleshooting network problems involving the WAN or LAN (including routers, firewalls

2.       Server management (e.g., mail server, web server)


3.       Other

4.       Other


5.       other

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